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Upcoming Drop Founders Pass
with art by Fvckrender

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Founders Pass

The Founders Pass is the genesis token to the Player Zero Universe (PZU). There will only be 100 Founders Passes ever created. The Founders Pass gives holders access to all future PZU NFT drops, music, and exclusive IRL and Metaverse activations.

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Our bands, from the minds of the greatest producers in the industry, emerge from web3 to entertain you in your version of reality. Explore, adventure, love, and listen to the voices of Player Zero.


Cyber Brokers



A sentient Robot created by other sentient robots on a mission to play his first live concert & join the rebellion at Player Zerø. Hugeaux uses a variety of armors, bodies and faculties to achieve his various goals in combat, investigation and of course, entertainment.

Cyber Brokers - Amari

Awoken, realized and functioning, Amari is the first Ai program to receive a nanobot body from the lunchbox. Now Amari works with Brainstorm and the collective saving other worlds while finding her voice in her new body.

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Coming soon…

What is Player Zero

We’re a music label launching Animated Virtual Artists (AVAs) inspired by web3’s focus on community building. All music projects are shaped by the creators, core fans, vision directors, and behind the scenes teams. The culmination of these projects is an AVA, a fully digital act that releases music made by industry-leading songwriters, producers, and musicians.


Fueled by an interdimensional lunchbox its leaders Brainstorm & A.L. search various worlds and universes on the hunt for artists, creatives and operatives in their mission to save the galaxy.


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