What is a Founders Pass?

The Founders Pass is the genesis token for the Player Zero Universe (PZU). There will only be 100 Founders Passes ever created. The first 50 will be minted at an exclusive presale event. The remaining 50 will be auctioned every 24 hours, until token 100 is claimed.


The Founders Pass gives holders access to all future PZU NFT drops, music, and exclusive IRL and Metaverse activations.

The Founders Pass is also an evolving platform with additional features and experiences introduced as our story unfolds. Holders can gain access to these experiences through an exclusive social hub called “The Green Room”.

Founders Pass Utility

Complimentary claims

Free claims to all future Player Zero NFT drops, including any artist drops and songs

Exclusive experiences

Exclusive IRL and Metaverse experiences (i.e. annual holders party, metaverse concerts, etc.)

“Green Room” Access

Access to the exclusive “Green Room” where anything can happen

Direct Team Access

Free claim to IRL plaque for any Player Zero song that goes gold, platinum, multi-platinum, or diamond (T&Cs apply)


Special VIP Founders Discord role with direct access to project team

The beginning

Opportunity to shape the future and direction of future Player Zero Records initiatives

MINTING BONUS: 2 Free VIP tickets to any festival or concert of your choice (t&c's apply)

Short term roadmap

Q3 2022

  • Player Zero Mainframe Initiated
  • Founder Pass Auction starts
  • Green Room Opens
  • First Major Collaboration
  • First Artist Release

Q4 2022

  • Second Artist Release
  • More Music Drops
  • First Lyric Video Drop
  • First IRL Benefit Release

2023 and beyond

  • Seasonal Artist Drops
  • More Music, Videos, and Collabs
  • Metaverse Activations

Enter the Player Zero Universe…

The Founders Pass Prisms lie at the heart of the Player Zero Universe… Mined in the depths of the planet Ether the “Cipher Prisms” are a zero day energy source that harnesses the power of a billion voices. Through harmonics, the coloring of the prisms are tied to the universal language of sound. The various shades represent a civilization's data that manifests as harmonic energy telling the cultural and biological history of entire species. When first discovered the relics powers were able to transform into tangible wonders.

Founders Pass FAQ

What is Player Zero?

A web3 record label focusing on Animated Virtual Artist (AVA`s) and Metaverse experiences.

What is a Founders Pass?

The Founders Pass in an NFT that grants founders privileges in the Player Zero Universe. This includes access to all future drops of all Player Zero artists.

What is the Green Room?

The Green Room gives Founders Pass holders access to exclusive digital and IRL experiences. Join the Discord channel to stay up to date.

Where do the proceeds of Founders Pass sales go?

All proceeds from the Founders Pass sales will go directly back to building and promoting our stable of artists.

Wen Mint?

The exclusive invite only presale goes live on September 6th and the mint will be open for 7 days.

Wen Auction?

The auction will begin on September 14th and will go every 24 hours until the final 50 Founders Passes are sold.