Founded on the principles of music, technology and innovation, A.L. (At Lunch) and Brainstorm have constructed a delicate network of artists and operatives. The details are unknown, but the acquisition the intrepid quasi sentient inter-dimensional transporter that A.L. eloquently dubbed “the lunch box”, has changed everything.

With this device A.L. was able to build PLAYERZERØ alongside Brainstorm. 2 years, that was the ask, any potential partner operative would get 2 years in The Collective in exchange for direct help on any problem that person faced on their home world.

It became apparent that the best operatives where creatives, musicians at that, their ability to see things outside the box, coupled with the technological innovation at PLAYERZERØ was the magic they needed to fight the brewing evil that was growing in the galaxy.

But as it goes with technology, aberrations tend to occur, and the team has seen sentient robots unlike any other, Metaverse Ai’s ripped from their sphere and into our reality, alien arms dealers turned hero in the face of the ultimate question to name a few.

The dangers that face the Collective are not to be callously dismissed, or looked upon as “not our problem” as the fate of the galaxy rests on the shoulders of this team. Defending worlds less advanced from the evil that has been alluding Brainstorms galactic scanners.

From the birth of Hugeaux and the first of his kind, species type, RØBØBØT, to the discovery of Kru and Jombi, to bringing Amari to a new plane of existence, and plucking Kaine from a life of crime, the collective is ready to face anything that wants to test their worth & will.

Follow the stories of PLAYERZERØ through the artist music releases, one shot comics and web3 drops.

Explore, Laugh, Jump & Scream as our team delivers not just music but the safety of our galaxy.